Filaflex sample Family Pack

Finally we have the pack you have requested so much, the new sample pack of the family Filaflex: Filaflex sample Family Pack! It contains a sample of each of the Shore hardnesses of Filaflex:

  • 1 sample of Filaflex 70A in clear color (50 gr.).
  • 1 sample of Filaflex 82A in white color (50 gr.).
  • 1 sample of Filaflex 95A in black color (50 gr.).

The ideal pack to test the performance of each filament of Filaflex family and quickly compare mechanical properties of each one. A very optimal way to test in your 3D printer the three different types of Shore hardnesses of Filaflex. Check the elasticity and the differences without having to venture to buy a larger spool. Find out which one fit you better for your project or application! Available in both 2.85 mm and 1.75 mm diameter.

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