From November 19 to 22 we were exhibitors during the celebration of the 5th edition of the most important fair in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing worldwide in Frankfurt, Formnext 2019.

Formnext is undoubtedly the largest professional additive manufacturing event in the world. It is a fair that is held every year in Frankfurt and brings together thousands of manufacturers, distributors, researchers and lovers of 3D printing from around the world. Forum in which numerous innovations are presented every year, such as machines, materials, software or even new applications.


This year, more than 850 exhibitors and almost 35,000 visitors toured the more than 50,000 m2 of this great event represented by more than 34 countries around the world. A fair that in this 5 edition has demonstrated the rise of Additive Manufacturing, making clear its growth.

For our part, it was a wonderful experience to attend this annual meeting of the AM with a new and brand-new corporate image, as well as with the new stand and have that first contact with our customers and distributors, and with the general public. It was shocking to see how everyone was amazed at the great quality and elasticity of our flexible Filaflex filament. As well as the good acceptance of the design of our stand with the new brand image and the presentation of our new packaging.

Undoubtedly, there were great stars that captured all eyes during the 4 days of the fair. One piece, which was perhaps the most photographed and touched of the fair, was the bomber model jacket designed by Danit Peleg 3D printed with Filaflex. There was no smartphone or camera that did not capture that textile!

In addition, the blue Recreus sandal 3D printed on Filaflex 70A Ultra-Soft got a lot of attention and everyone who touched and folded it exclaimed: “amazing!”.

Patent is the interest in flexible filaments, given the multiple options and applications that can be made, and the interest in learning to correctly print this type of filaments in direct extrusion 3D printers.

On the other hand, we also had the opportunity to present our new material, the PP filament for 3D printing, which we will launch shortly.

There was a lot of interest on it and in the possibility of 3D printing PP due to the wide options of parts and applications that can be made with this type of material, the polymer (plastic) most used in the world.

Source: PlasticsEurope Market Research Group (PEMRG) and Conversion Market & Strategy GmbH.

Congrats to the entire Recreus team on a great Formnext 2019, and a special thanks to everyone who came by our stand, both our current and new global business relationships, for their continued confidence in our products and solutions. We will continue to innovate to help maximize the value and success of your business and of the industry 4.0.

Until next year, Formnext!

Here are some highlights from our time at formnext 2019:

Interview with our friend Juan from Govaju 3D Printing YouTube channel.

One of our favorite moments, the visit of Paul McCartney! (3D printed mask with Filaflex). Another of the funniest pieces of our stand.

Interview with Ignacio García, CEO of Recreus, for 3D Natives at the stand during the fair.

Detail of the identification pins worn by the Recreus team, 3D printed with Filaflex 82A in gold and white.

New sneaker model by Recreus designed for the occasion by Ignacio García, with the new branding. The most comfortable to hold 12 hours a day on a fair for 4 days :)

The Formnext 2019 exhibitors party was in honor of the guest country: United States.

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