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“We develop, manufacture and globally distribute flexible filament and other 3D printing material.”

Our story

Recreus is the fusion of “​Re​cycle”, “​Cre​ate” and “​Us​e”, words that form part of the company’s philosophy and soul. A story of entrepreneurship, dreams and enthusiasm that started in 2010 in a garage and has grown to what we know today. An internationally established and positioned company, pioneer in the development of ​flexible filament for 3D printers, with its brand Filaflex​, leader in its category. This globally recognised brand has gained a firm hold in the flexible filament sector and made huge inroads in the 3D printing industry.

Once upon a time…

Our founder and CEO, Ignacio García, an industrial engineer by training, has always had a creative and entrepreneurial vision. In 2010, as an avid enthusiast of technology, he visited the Euromold fair in Germany and bought his first ever 3D printer, with which he would make inroads into this new field.

Testing it out and printing the first prototypes, he soon realised that the existing plastics on the market were too rigid and inflexible for certain 3D printing jobs, which also hampered the creation and design of other products or materials developed with this technology. So, he set up shop in his parents’ garage and started working on the development of a much more elastic and flexible material suitable for this type of 3D printer.


And that was what led to the advent of Filaflex® in 2013, the world’s first truly elastic filament for 3D printers. This breakthrough responded to the creative need to innovate and opened it up to new materials. ​A disruption in 3D printing. 

With Filaflex, you can show the world how you print your own shoes with your 3D printer and our flexible Filaflex filament… from your very own home!

The news quickly spread across the world. Our shoes and Filaflex appeared in practically all international media outlets, from Japan to the US to Russia and back. It was absolutely amazing! As a result, we’ve never stopped going and we’ve been motivated us to keep on innovating and working hard and growing as a company.

The company

At Recreus we’re fully aware that ​additive manufacturing has a huge potential and provides a whole host of new applications and resources to various industries, especially thanks to the contribution and creation of elastic materials. That’s why our development team is wholeheartedly focused on researching new materialsand on improving 3D printing processes.

As filament manufacturers, we’re constantly seeking to ​enhance the quality​​ of all our products​ and firmly focussing on the ​development of new products ​that help foster the technological progress of ​INDUSTRY 4.0​, especially in the 3D printing industry, where we’re witnessing the advent of a whole new world of possibilities and applications.

Obsessed with the quality of our materials

Quality control

To ensure the highest quality in our filaments and materials, we boast three fully automated production lines and perform meticulous quality controls on our products.

Traceability and batching techniques

We have a product marking that ensures the identification of all the raw materials we use, associated with the production lines.

Double-check diameter

What’s more, the filaments go through a 100% knot-free and double-check spooling process during production to ensure their diameter and prevent failed prints due to lumping or bubbling.

Humidity control

To protect them and prevent them from being affected by humidity, our filaments go through a dehydration process that minimises the humidity they may have absorbed during the manufacturing process. Each batch undergoes a quality control in which we measure the humidity content of the filament before it is vacuum-packed. Once the filament meets our standards, we proceed to vacuum-pack the filament spool, along with a silica gel bag for protection and maintenance. This means that it reaches the customer in optimal conditions.

At Recreus…

Manufacturers always on the ball!

Here at Recreus, we know that it’s essential to provide a service that meets our customers’ expectations. We’re aware of the immediacy and speed of growth in this industry, so as manufacturers we deliver fast response times, both for orders and solutions, and products tailored to our customers’ requirements and requests.

Customer service, our priority

We like to help and to provide solutions. We’re fully aware of the importance of great support and help, especially with cutting-edge materials that require different parameters and settings when printing. That’s why at Recreus we provide a flexible and fast service by email, phone or chat, helping you solve any issue you may have.

Anywhere in the world

We deliver our products to anywhere in the world. If you can’t find a distributor of our products in your area, we can send them to you. Get in touch with us and we’ll send you an estimate.

What our customers say?

When a customer tries out our products, they come back and they recommend us!

Danit Peleg

“The idea of using 3D printing for a complete fashion collection from my own home posed many unprecedented challenges without any guidelines to follow. One of the biggest challenges was finding the right filament for printing clothes that looked like it was made from a factory fabric. As soon as I found Filaflex, I was able to print out the first garment (my red Liberté jacket) that finally led to the entire collection. Filaflex was the strongest and most flexible filament I experimented with, and combined with the flexible structures I designed, it gave me a very pliable and highly elastic textile that felt like real fabric.

I think this discovery of combining the filament with my designs was a huge test for the concept of printing my own clothes in the comfort of my home, and this has provided the opportunity for many other people to do the same.

Working with the Recreus team is like going on an incredible journey. They’ve been incredibly open from the outset, always embracing new ideas and opportunities. And I also loved visiting them at their factory and seeing the great work they do!”

ZER Collection

“We use Filaflex in all our projects, as the flexibility, elasticity and lightness are perfect for our designs, which call for everyday functionality. It’s also a biodegradable material that underpins the environmental values of ZER.”


“Filaflex is the perfect reason to fall head over heels in love with Recreus. If you add to this a team that mentors you, knows you and cares about you, it becomes the magic formula that makes the impossible possible. #JumpToTheFuture.”


CHUIC is a fashion-focused brand with 3D printed designs. I work with various materials, but if I had to stick with one of them, it would definitely be Filaflex. It’s a plastic filament that in addition to being flexible and recyclable, which I love, tailors perfectly to the garments and lets me work with them with a whole host of possibilities.

Repsol, our shareholder

In 2019, the multinational ​Repsol ​joined Recreus as a shareholder of the company. This new venture with the oil company has bolstered Recreus and has given it the chance to accelerate its R&D and boost its market position in the medium and long term. What’s more, now is the time for us to continue focussing on our firm commitment to innovation and technology. One of the goals will be to work on the development of new materials, such as the new PP·3D polypropylene filament for 3D printing that we have launched together.

Creating a community

We’re huge design enthusiasts here at Recreus, so we love to find out how you use and apply our materials (Filaflex, PET-G, PP·3D, etc.). That’s why we’d like to see and share all the proposals and creations found on social media. Tag us in your posts when you share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. We can’t wait to see them and share them with you all!

We’ve been in the news

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