The magic of the infill

Did you know that with the same filament you can develop different hardnesses shore to create customized products?

FilaFlex is not only a flexible filament born to print in 3D, but there are many more possibilities that this material offers, both in applications and in the development of new products.

Thanks to its flexible condition, FilaFlex also stands out for its great versatility to create and design pieces from the point of view of shore hardness or infill. 

For example, printing with the same filament and certain printing parameters, different shore hardness points could be generated in the same piece. Depending on the infill and the material deposited.

Undoubtedly, a great advantage with a lot of potential for the podiatry sector. Through this technology and together with our FilaFlex filament, podiatrists can create their orthopedic insoles adapted and customized to the client's needs, in a much faster and more efficient way, than through their traditional handmade methodology. They can also configure insoles with a variable density to help discharge in areas of high pressure, as well as design perforated areas that allow perspiration.

Can you think of other applications or designs to work with FilaFlex filament infill?

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