It has been a long time since my last post on 3D printed insoles or indeed any other subject, but there is good reason.Over the past year I have taken all I know (insert joke here) on designing and 3D printing insoles and packaged that up into a mostly all-in-one piece of software called Gensole®?.
What is Gensole?
Gensole is a browser based tool which allows you to design insoles, optimised for 3D printing using the FDM process and Filaflex (TPE/TPU) type materials. It will ultimately export .AMF files for importing into Slic3r for 3D printer toolpath creation.It is free for makers, and researchers for non-commercial use:
Who is Gensole?
Gensole is brought to you by Gyrobot (AKA, Steve Wood), an expert in flexible FDM 3D printing and the UK beta tester of Filaflex 3D printing filament and related products from Recreus. Credit to Damian Axford and Robert Longbottom from our Swindon Makerspace for their help with development. A mention to Footworx Podiatry Clinics who have offered help and support during software testing.
Why Gensole?
There has been a lot of development work with 3D printing insoles in the past couple of years by Gyrobot, and now is the time to separate a branch of that work out to a dedicated site. Gensole is the resulting package that takes all that knowledge and wraps it up into an easy to use software design and print solution. If you would like to read some of the background blogs and press write-ups, then please check out some of my previous posts or the links on the press page.

Gensole is the merger of four different insole processes that Gyrobot has looked into :
Form Fitting Insole.

  • Shaping of the upper surface of the insole to match a scan of the foot, using a brand new process called “Solemorph” :
Variable Density Insoles.

  • Areas of the insole printed with different flexible mesh densities to help offload high pressures:

Open/Closed Core Insoles.

  • Upper and lower surfaces of insole can optionally be printed with perforated holes to help airflow and stimulation of blood cells:

Shoe Profiling.

  • Parametrised insole boundary curves which are adjustable to provide a best fit inside shoes:

There are also a couple of YouTube videos to compliment the Instructions :
There is no ability to add orthotic corrections to the insole, however Gensole will match to a footscan, therefore change the footscan first and you can introduce corrective properties. The following video is providing ideas for the professional podiatrist who will know what is required when deforming the footscan:
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