Discover all the printing possibilities with the complete range of Filaflex. With the pack of samples from the entire Filaflex family, you can test all the hardness values of our elastic filaments (82A, 95A and 70A) and find out which one best suits your project or application.





The ‘Filaflex Family Pack’ contains three 50 g samples of the three shore hardness values of the Filaflex flexible filament (82A in white colour, 95A in black colour and 70A in transparent colour). With this pack you can test all the hardness values of the Filaflex family and find out which one best suits your project or application. And all this without having to buy larger spools of different hardness values.

This is the perfect pack for testing the performance of each filament in the Filaflex range and quickly comparing the mechanical properties of each one. This means that you can test the three types of Filaflex shore hardness values in your 3D printer and check their elasticity and differences, without having to buy a larger spool.

Filaflex 82A: the ‘Original’, with 650% stretch to break. Filaflex 95A: ‘Medium-Flex’, with 650% stretch to break. Filaflex 70A: ‘Ultra-Soft’, with 900% stretch to break.



Filaflex is non-toxic and may come in contact with the skin, but it is not approved for medical or food use. It can be used to create:

– Insoles: orthotic insoles.

– Prostheses and models of organs: prosthetic arms and hands, organs for simulation of surgical operations, etc.

– Flexible objects and parts for manufacturing and the automotive industry: stoppers, joints, tyres, grippers, etc.

– Textile parts and accessories: textile garments, fabrics, prints on garments, bags, earrings, etc.

– Footwear: soles, shoes, sandals, slippers, etc.

Technical Data

Technical Data


Consult the technical data sheet for each Filaflex hardness:

Filaflex 82A, ‘Original’

Filaflex 95A, ‘Medium-Flex’

Filaflex 70A, ‘Ultra-Soft’

Empuñadura con Filaflex 82A


500% 650% 900%


Elastic filament Flexible filament Rigid filament Semi-flexible filament Medium-Flex Ultra-Soft


Acetone Solvent Gasoline
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