In Recreus we are very proud to bet on innovation and continuous improvement of our materials. And as a result of this commitment we create the 3 kg Big Roll spool format. Designed to be more practical, economical and easy to handle.

With this new “self-supporting” spool we eliminate the worry of replacement in the process of printing and its continuous change. In addition, with this solution we manage to use the filament directly without removing it from its box and without getting stuck. Thanks to its design with lateral supports, the spool rotates inside the box with the advantage of not having to be removed, thus allowing the filament to be kept under controlled parameters of environment and humidity and without exposure to UV radiation.

Now you can print big projects with FilaFlex!

  • Saving format.
  • Delete interruptions during printing process due to lack of filament.
  • Material perfectly preserved in its box at all times.
  • Print without taking out of the box.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need spool holders.
  • Available in all FilaFlex and PETG filaments.
  • And now narrower and improved box format! NEW!

Following the next steps:

1º Open the box and remove the sppol from the vacuum bag. 

2º Insert the spool in the box, keeping the desiccant bags inside, so that the material continue to retain its propierties to avoid moisture.

3º Place the two supports (come with the spool) in the two side holes of the box to hold the spool. 

4º Pass the filament through the lateral groove of the box and insert it into the extruder. 

5º Place the box comfortably near your printer and start printing! 

As easy as this. 

What are you waiting for to try it?

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