From Recreus we have wanted to contribute our grain of sand, as well as our resources and our know-how, launching several initiatives that help to alleviate the shortage and lack of sanitary protection material and PPE due to COVID-19.

Discover the initiatives:


| Printing of “safe” sanitary material against Covid-19 |



We have printed 3D visors-screens with our PET-G filament, to deliver and distribute among the Birthing team of the Virgen de la Salud General Hospital in Elda and the ICU team at the Marina Salud Hospital in Dénia, as it is a solution validated by the health authorities.

The design of this model of visors-screen is the one that is using the FabLab 3D of the Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón. It has the advantage that it does not need a tape to adjust the mask behind, but the design itself already adjusts to the diameter of the head.

Here you can find the files to print this model of visors-screen:


| Facilitate the acquisition of our Filaflex material |


On the other hand, we also launched the campaign TOGETHER WE CAN! with the aim of facilitating the acquisition of our material by applying a 30% * discount on a selection of colors from the Filaflex range.

Using the coronavirusmaker code you will be able to purchase spools of 500 gr. Filaflex 82A and Filaflex 95A in both diameters (1.75 and 2.85 mm).

The colors that have this help are the following:


  • Filaflex 82A: magenta, purple, skin 2, aqua, clear orange, clear green and clear pink.
  • Filaflex 95A: green.


CODE: coronavirusmaker

*Promotion available until end of stock.



| Creation of solidarity material for the printing of visors-screens |

Together with the aid platform, and with the aim of continuing to help and support the Covid-19 health crisis, we have created a solidarity product on our website “PET-G SOLIDARIO COVID-19”, so that it can be donated solely and exclusively to this organization so that they can print screen visors for healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of this fight against Covid-19.

Anyone interested in doing their bit in the cause, can purchase the spools by accessing this link on our website, and will be donating this material to the organization to print and distribute the visors to the healthcare professionals. Shipping costs are borne by us and the purchased product will be sent directly to the organization. The donor does not have to worry about anything else.


PET-G has been the material we have chosen, as it meets the following criteria:
  • Health: compliance with REACH, ROHS and FC.
  • Disinfection capacity: high resistance to chemicals and disinfecting agents.
  • Easy use in 3D printers on the market, material printing parameters: hotel temperature 235ºC and hot table 60ºC.
  • Mechanical properties more consistent with the manufacture and use of PPE, impact resistance and greater flexibility.


| Skuba Project, “Emergency mask for health protection” |

In the current health emergency situation, and due to the shortage of approved protection equipment to protect health personnel, [artefactos] has worked and researched to develop and manufacture an emergency respiratory mask solution, adapting a commercial snorkel mask. This solution is born as a fast and safe response, as well as accessible, to meet an urgent social need in cases of difficult situations in which it is not possible to find official medical supplies. This project has been developed in collaboration with doctors from various hospitals along with other entities, organizations and companies.


The mask has particle filters inserted at the top, the adapter of which is manufactured and 3D printed with our PP material that allows the system to be hermetic and disinfected, keeping its properties intact. It is the most suitable material to guarantee the correct fit and tightness, as well as being the optimum for its mechanical properties and resistance to chemical agents.

* NEITHER THE MASK NOR THE ADAPTER ARE APPROVED and, therefore, its use is subject to urgent need situations, when there is no possible alternative to guarantee safety in the healthcare environment.



| Donation of filament to print visors for healthcare professionals|

With great enthusiasm, we have donated 15k of filament to the group of makers in our area, Covi Makers Elda and Petrer so that they can print visors for our closest health centers and hospitals, as well as for the security forces and bodies among other professionals in need of supplying this protection material.

Thank you for your work and to Civil Protection of Elda for taking care of the collection and delivery of this material to the voluntary makers.

We hope to continue contributing with this type of initiative to alleviate the deficit in the supply of safety material for health professionals and because we believe that all help is little at the moment.

We will also be delighted to attend to any other proposal or need in which we can contribute or help in this crisis. We continue helping and contributing.






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