In compliance with the provisions of Article 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, then reflects the following information:

Recreus denomination used by Recreus Industries SL is to provide Manufacturing Services, distribution and the online selling of 3D elastic printing filament for 3D printer or FDM. (From now on “RECREUS”)

You can find it in with registered office atc/ Pico veleta, 36, de Elda (03600), Alicante. Being his Identification Number (CIF) B54876479.

The delivery address stated by is considered and any correspondence should be sent to this postal address, and you may contact us at info@recreus.com.



The User is hereby informed that access to and use of the website www.recreus.com, services and contents contained therein though the web are obtained or may be obtained, as well as the products may be acquired via our website are subject to the full terms and conditions detailed below.

Access to this website, its use and the purchase of articles from this website require reading, understanding and accepting these general conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Any actions that infringe these Conditions will be considered legally null and void. Moreover, these said terms and conditions will be applicable regardless of the general conditions of hiring which may be applicable according to the current laws.

RECREUS reserves the rights to make any changes on the webpage without previous notice so as to update, correct, modify, add or delete their contents and, hence, the terms and conditions of this legal notice could change at any moment.

Customers are invited to check these terms and conditions, before formalize the order, and if you as User do not agree with the present conditions, please desist from using the Website, otherwise is subjected to our terms and conditions.

Web ya que, de lo contrario quedará sujeto a lo establecido en nuestros Términos y Condiciones. These changes will be applicable from the time they are made available to the users and be public.

RECREUS will not be liable for any damage the user may cause third parties as a result of a wrongful or incorrect use, being the user the one and only liable party. In addition, RECREUS, will not be liable for any damages of any nature that could be caused, for example, as a result of the transmission of viruses o malicious software, regardless of having taken all the precautionary measures at their disposal to prevent so.

The user assumes the responsibility for the information supplied to the RECREUS site. Being the falsity of the reported data sufficient reason for denial of access to our website and our online storeThe user will take on any costs that may arise as a result of actions started against them for the non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy polity.


The mere access and/or use of RECREUS webpage, whether in whole or in part of the contents and/or services therein, automatically grants the condition of User.

This, necessarily, implies that you fully and unequivocally accept the terms and conditions contained on this Legal Notice.



The user will only access and use the RECREUS website in a diligent and correct manner, will abide by the following rules and will accept any liability that may arise as a breach of these.

The user will not forge its identity acting as a different person.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of RECREUS webpage is only limited to private and personal use. Hence, it is strictly forbidden to authorize the use of the RECREUS webpage, in whole or in part, to a third party, or to use the contents and/or services of the webpage as the user's own corporate activity.

  1. The user promises not to use the RECREUS webpage, or their contents and/or services for any activity that may be considered illegal, immoral or inappropriate, or that may lessen the rights of a third party.
  2. The user promises not to divulge, store and/or manage the contents of the RECREUS webpage that may be subject of an infringement of third party rights or of any statute regulating civil, criminal or administrative rights, or rights of any other nature.


The consultation of the items and / or products offered through the catalog of RECREUS incorporated in this website is freely accessible to all Web users , and any restrictions on access thereto does not apply. Similarly, open access is the " shopping cart " that allows you to browse and choose from different products selected by the user before signing the final purchase .




If the User wants to register on the Web page www.recreus.com for making your purchase, you should create an account.

Firstly you are required to enter an email address . Once it is found that this email does not exist in our database , you must complete a form that will provide us with some personal information , and that the User will consider the mandatory and optional fields specified therein . Specifically you will be asked :

-         Title (Mr., Mrs.)

-         First name and Surname.

-         Date of birth.

-         Password (must have 5 characters at least)

These details will be compulsory to check and accredit the identity of the customer who request the Access to our website and confirm and prove your age.

At this point you will be asked to give your permission to send you our newsletter En este momento se le solicitará permiso para enviarle nuestro Newsletter and offers from our partners, trought the checkboxes the user could select or de-select.

Once logged on to your user account, the user will have Access to the private area and “My Account” consist of severals paragraphs:

 Order history and details


In this section, the user the user can Access to the order history and el Usuario podrá acceder al histórico de sus pedidos and and to see the details of your orders.

       My credit slips


      In this section, the user can see the proof of payments information and and all payments made.

       My addresses


      In this section, the user provide us all the address details. Specifically, The information collected here will be:   

-       Company name.

-       Address.

-       City.

-       Country.

-       Additional information.

-       Phone.

       My personal information


      In this section, the user will be able to edit the personal information, as well as change your password to Access again to our website.

       My wishlists


      In this section, the user can choose our products and make a list which you want to purchase.

      My favorite products.

      In this section, the user can choose the favorite products.

      My alerts

      The user can create the own alerts.


Any personal data pertaining to Users that is collected using the registration forms or though the private área will be processed in accordance with the the provisions of the Privacy Policy

The User is obliged to provide information that is true, accurate and complete about their identity, They are also asked to keep this information updated to avoid any errors with the management of RECREUS, or to avoid granting access to an unauthorized user. y está obligado a mantener actualizada dicha información para que no se produzca ningún error desde la Administración de RECREUS and cause an erroneous shipping orders.

Users shall make careful use of the user id and password they shall keep them a secret. In addition, users without a password will not be able to access the online shop and will not be granted access to their personal area.

Furthermore, users shall notify RECREUS of any loss of password or of any attempt to access their personal area by unauthorized parties. Users are the only keepers of their passwords.

Access to the online shop RECREUS is only and exclusively created for the enjoyment of the user and is therefore forbidden for third parties to access it and/or for the user to transmit or lease it.

RECREUS reserves the right to cancel access to the online shop to any person that do not comply with the regulations the following text.




If the user decides not to create a private account and sign up, you can place an order through our website www.recreus.com


Then, simply select the desired product, enter the quantity and add it to your cart and y and complete the form available in the section “Guest Checkout”. The information you will need to provide the following:


-       The e-mail address.

-       Title (Mr. Mrs.).

-       First name and surname.

-       Date of Birth.

-       Complete Address.

-       City.

-       Country.

-       Telephone Number.


Just as the register user, at this time en este momento can be accepted the delivery of newsletters or our partners' many offers.




-         All images, information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and / or images, photographs, recordings, texts, videos or others that contain or may contain web page RECREUS are protected by relevant copyright, either Ignacio García García or third parties. Therefore they shall apply to the provisions of the Consolidated of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the Restated Text of the Law on Intellectual Property.

-         All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logos, symbols, mixed trademarks, figurative or word marks that appear on the Web page RECREUS belong to this or their legal representatives, or have prior authorization, the right to use them by third parties, all of which are protected by the current legislation in this area.

-         Ignacio García García is currently:

o    Proprietor of the mixed mark RECREUS class 9 and registration number M3081548

o    Proprietor of the mixed mark   RECREUS class 7, 17 y 35 and registration number 012759148.

o    Proprietor of the mixed mark   RECREUS class 7, 17 y 35 and registration number 012817128.

All utility models and / or patents referenced in this website, belong to RECREUS and their legal representatives, or have prior authorization, the right to use them by third parties, thus being protected by the current legislation in this área.

All the rights of Intellectual Property are reserved. © ®

RECREUS does not grant any general licence to use, or any general authorisation in respect of, its industrial or intellectual property over any other property or right related to the Website, excepting expressed agreements with third ones. The users may only reproduce the contents of the WEBSITE for personal storage, for the creation of security copies, or in the form of printed copies for private use.

Apart from that, All rights reserved . Under the provisions of of Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996 , of 12 April , approving the revised text of the Law on Intellectual Property , regularizing , clarifying and harmonizing the provisions legal force on the subject, is expressly prohibited reproduction , distribution and public communication , including any means of making available of all or part of the contents of this website for commercial purposes , in any form or by any technical means, without the permission of RECREUS. Failure to comply with these conditions will entitle RECREUS to take the appropriate legal action.

Therefore, The users agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial copyright over all designs, Utility models, patents, protected Works, trademarks or any distinctive sign, etc. that join on the RECREUS website.

In no circumstances shall RECREUS be liable for any possible infringement of intellectual property rights by any Users of the Sites, designs, trademarks, Utility models, patents, etc. incorporated in the website.

No granting to the users the access to the Web www.recreus.com, no right or entitlement on the images therein, information, messages, graphics, drawing, image and audio files, pictures, recordings, texts, videos, brand names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logotypes, symbols, mixed trade marks figurative or word mark, utility model and design patents included in this Web Page.



RECREUS is not responsible for any of the information, online product sales, opinions and concepts that are issued, publish, sell, or distributed through any networked web page and The site can be accessed through the District website or directly at link.

Establishment of a link does not necessarily imply the existence of a relationship between RECREUS and and the owner of the linked website, nor the acceptance or approval of the content and / or services offered by the third party, being the owner of the linked webpage the only person responsible for them. Users must therefore exercise extreme caution in assessing and using information, content and services available in the Linked Sites.

To the extent that this Web Site contains links to outside websites over which RECREUS does not have any control whatsoever, The user hereby acknowledges and accepts that RECREUS shall not be held responsible for the contents and the services that they may access or the products or services referenced in such website; for any content, products, services, advertisements or any other material available on same.

RECREUS is not liable for improper use made of the contents of its website, such being the sole responsibility of the person who accesses or makes use of the of the aforementioned contents. Also is not held responsible for information contained in third-party websites that can be accessed by means of links or browsers.



RECREUS reserves the right to deny or withhold access to the contents, e-shop and services included in this Web Page any time and without need of warning to those users who do not comply with these general conditions or the particular conditions that may apply to them.

The User is aware of and voluntarily accepts that the use of RECREUS the contents, e-shop, private area and/or products and services contained therein, takes place, in any case, under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility. unless law expressly dictates otherwise and exclusively insofar as this is imposed,RECREUS neither guarantees nor assumes any responsibility whatsoever in respect of access to and use of the Web Site,  and the misuse of the products sold that may cause personal injures .


RECREUS shall pursue lack of compliance with current conditions as well as any undue use of its websites by means of all manner of civil and penal actions that may be applicable under the Law.


RECREUS respects and protects the privacy of its users respeta y protege la privacidad de sus Usuarios, as well as the intellectual and industrial property rights third parties. Therefore, request that you show the same respect

In the event that any User or third party considers that there are facts and / or circumstances revealing the illegality of the use of any content , product, process sales , returns, warranty or any other circumstances contained in this website and revealing or may disclose the illegality thereof, shall contact the following RECREUS email : info@recreus.com

Any e-mail that is transmitted to the RECREUS, should determine the alleged illegal activity and shall identify the active user.

This procedure should be followed especially when the alleged illegal activity relates to an alleged violation of the rights of industrial or intellectual property, of the image rights of any person or violate the rights of personal data .

The acting must develop a precise and concrete protected content as well as its exact location . Subsequently RECREUS take appropriate measures to prevent such offenses reported by users .




The general conditions stipulated below, solely and exclusively regulate the purchase of products offered by RECREUS throughthe catalogue included on our website. A purchase will be refined through its shop online.


All information including on the product datasheet, or on each, are merely for information purposes, therefore, RECREUS declines all responsibility for declina cualquier responsabilidad the occurrence of error in such information, although it is committed to take all measures within its power to remedy as soon as possible to the bugs or omissions after being informed thereof.


Only those persons who are of legal age with full legal capacity shall be able to act as Buyers on RECREUS, can placed orders. Constituting the datastore filed by RECREUS test all transactions with the User.


The contract of sale is completed when you have expressly confirmed your order, and to do this you must have accepted the general conditions indicated These terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy..Therefore, RECREUS recommend that all users and prospects clients to read in advance.


Also, RECREUS recommended users before you place your order, before an order can be finalized, read the full products info offered on their website, which clearly specify the characteristics of the products, price and any offers.


The contract is regulated by the legal framework established by the Civil Code, Law 7/1998 of the General Conditions of Contract and the Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade, so the consumer has all the guarantees established to protect and disposed in the revised text for the Protection of Consumers 1/2007 and Users and the Law 23/2003 Warranty in the Sale of Consumer Goods.


Furthermore, the contract is concluded in the course according to the established on the Law 34/2002 of information and e-commerce society services And also the data provided by the user and potential client through collection forms the web page to perfect the process of online, the details given in this form will be treated in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 concerning Personal Data Protection


once identified the selling party and the products selected by it in the current catalog website RECREUS, sends an order confirmation that sent to an order confirmation to the email address provided by him in, which clearly specify registration form:


-       The selected product, the item ordered.

-       Your billing address is where we sent your order.

-       The order number.

-       The customer number.

-       The order date.

-       The El importe total, con expresa indicación y desglose de gastos e impuestos aplicados.


The formalization of the contract will be effective at the time that the user enter all user data, delivery and billing of the order ; and data relating to the payment of the transaction in question , which will be considered personal data and they will apply legislation in the matter and the provisions of Privacy Policy.


After completing the entire purchase process, the User will receive the email address you have provided , confirmation with your order details .



  1. PRICE.


The prices of products are indicated in the catalog, expressly and clearly indicating when it does , the offers available , promotions, clearance sales , liquidation sales , gift sales and direct sales offers . Also undertakes RECREUS clearly specify the duration of such offers and special rules applicable to them .


When a product is reduced price bid shall be shown clearly on each of them, the previous price along with the reduced price . Clearly distinct from the products offered at the normal price , so that the user does not make a mistake at the time of purchase.


The prices indicated in the catalog of this Web site , including all taxes lead .


RECREUS reserves the right to change the prices of products offered through its catalog at any time , however , the products are invoiced on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of order entry (as long as supplies last ) .


The shipping costs will be borne by the customer and will vary depending on the area where you must deliver the order. Therefore not been entered on the catalog of products offered on the RECREUS website. More information Más información en shipments and deliveries.





Purchase of products through its Web site , binds the parties as to the obligation of supply of goods by the seller to the conditions set forth in the Catalog and in the payment of the agreed price . These obligations arise from the moment that you, the buyer, the order is accepted and formalized the payment.


The full payment of the price of products selected by the user , which will correspond to the price listed in the shopping cart , will be made by the following forms:


a)   Payment by credit card. (Visa, Maestro or Mastercard, Servi Red): The payment made through this system will be sent to Santander Bank, which is responsible for supplying the respective remote electronic payment services , without any third party to access it . Users are subject to validation and authorization by your card issuer bank . If it is rejected , our system will immediately inform you when you finalize the purchase .


When checking your order , you may data such as address or zip code for security purposes , prevention and detection of fraud is disclosed. However , if your data is disclosed, will remain safe , since RECREUS uses industry-standard SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) . So all the information that the User transmits via the Web is encrypted through the network . Data credit card will be entered directly on the secure Web Bank mentioned none of this information may be recorded in our servers.


The User must ensure that it is fully authorized to use the credit card provided through the Web page RECREUS.


The credit card fraud in our legislation is considered as a crime and RECREUS will prosecute anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction through their website.


b)   Payment through PayPal: The user can choose this method of payment , provided the user has a PayPal account. The system allows PayPal to shop and pay online without need for the user leave your credit card number . Once the user is a member of PayPal, and not have to include your credit card to pay through this system, it is only necessary to facilitate email , so email links to a number of credit card . User ensuring that information travels through a secure server ( https).

More info about Paypal here y here.









RECREUS ship orders all Member States of the European Union and abroad with a delivery time of between one and fifteen business days, depending on destination country.

The transport company with which we agree ( __UPS___ ) , makes deliveries Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 19:00 hours , in the case of Spain , and until 12:00 noon on the rest countries

The delivery will take place at the address you as a Member and Customer decide and manifest in the form of collection.

Delivery expressed in this section are indicative only, and therefore shall be effective provided that no hiccups or force majeure or errors in the process (ej , the address provided by the user is incorrect ).

Deliveries are not made on holidays or weekends. Nor is it possible to choose a specific time or customized delivery.

You can check the rates of the carrier company you work here.

Track my order

When your order ships, you will receive an order tracking code to your email so you can locate it on our website. If you have trouble finding your order, please contact us by e- mail at: info@recreus.com.

Difficulties making the delivery

If the shipping company ( __UPS__ ) fails to deliver your order , you agree to order in store your nearest office for a maximum period of 15 working days. In these cases, the carrier will leave a notice at the address of Customer, for it to be put in contact with the carrier and go to collect the parcel.

Furthermore, RECREUS facilitate the transport company phone number Customer to allow it to contact you directly and can make the appointment for delivery directly to the customer .

Forwarding returned orders

When an order is returned to us as a result of a mistake or take responsibility for the client, then the Customer shall pay the costs of sending the order. In these cases , payment of shipping charges prepaid will be held at the prevailing rate in the carrier.

Delivery situation of the order

Upon delivery of the order, the Customer will receive the original delivery note and invoice . Failure to receive the original invoice, you can request it by email to the address info@recreus.com, indicating the holder of the bill, the corresponding order number and email address where you want to receive it.

The shipping order is indicated in the shopping cart and will be borne by the Customer.




The Customer may cancel your order if it is in pending state , ie , if the order has not entered the manufacturing stage . To do this , you must send an email to info@recreus.com. Immediately RECREUS will contact you to proceed with the cancellation of the order.

-         As for cancellations, RECREUS distinguishes two cases:

-         If the order had entered the manufacturing stage. It will not be possible to cancel the order.

-         If the order has not entered into the manufacturing phase, will be able to cancel the order by email to info@recreus.com or just entering the user's account you can complete your order cancellation 12h if you have not elapsed since its completion.

Returns or the right of withdrawal.

If you have already received your order and it has a problem, or if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return within 14 days from the day you received the order , giving up with this Contract performed .

Only returns of new , complete and have not been used products are accepted , and if it satisfies the following conditions:

-       Products must be returned intact. They can be used , or damaged.

-       Products are returned in their original packaging.

-       The products of the same order must be returned in one shipment , do not accept returns under any circumstances receive the same order separately.

-       The returns number must be clearly written on the outside where the shipping address indicated.

-       The product must be returned by registered mail to deliver directly employed or through a company specializing parcel .

The return must meet these conditions to be accepted. If it does not meet these conditions and is not accepted , RECREUS would contact with the user to provide the option of returning items that have not been accepted .

At the time RECREUS check that the above conditions are met, it will send an email about keeping the take-back and the time it will take the refund of money paid as payment for returned products User.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us info@recreus.com its decision to withdraw from the contract through a clear statement . You may use the model withdrawal form below , although its use is not mandatory.

In order to comply the withdrawal period it is sufficient that the communication concerning the exercise by you of this right to be sent before the deadline of 14 days from our shipment recepcionó You .


“To the attention of Mr. IGNACIO GARCÍA GARCÍA (RECREUS), located a Calle Los Vientos, 11. Polígono Industrial La Torreta, de Elda (03600), Alicante. holding tax identification number 44768253H:

– I/We* hereby give notice that I/We* withdraw from my/our* contract of sale of the following godos ____________, having been received on ______________.

– Indicate name of the user or consumer of consumers and users

– Indicate address consumer and user of consumers and users

– Signature of user or consumer of consumers and users (only if this form is notified on paper )

– Date.

Shipping costs on these assumptions borne by the Customer and shall be paid on delivery..

Discontinued product.

En caso de que el producto sea descatalogado o no sea posible reponer las existencias del mismo, se comunicará este hecho al cliente para que, según su propia decisión, bien selecciones un nuevo producto de similares características y precio, bien cancele el pedido, en cuyo caso se procederá a la devolución de las posibles cantidades entregadas.

Caso fortuito y fuerza mayor.

Ninguna de las partes será responsable del retraso en la ejecución de sus obligaciones ni de la no ejecución de las mismas (exceptuando el incumplimiento de pago o la falta de entrega del producto solicitado por el Usuario) si este incumplimiento estuviese motivado por casos incidental or force majeure , in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. This circumstance is communicated to the other party as soon as possible.

The agreed delivery is postponed by at least the time period that has lasted the force majeure . If the force majeure lasts longer than three months, either party may terminate the contract.

The agreed delivery is postponed by at least the time period that has lasted the force majeure . If the force majeure lasts longer than three months, either party may terminate the contract .



Pursuant to the provisions of Law 23/2003 Sale Guarantee Consumer Goods , RECREUS guarantees all products offered through its website from the date of receipt of the goods and for any manufacturing defect or nonconformity with the characteristics specified therein.


It recognizes both the right to free replacement of product under contract as the contract, if applicable.


To enforce the guarantee, the customer should contact RECREUS through email info@recreus.comand present proof of purchase.

If Customer elects to terminate the contract of sale, RECREUS will reimburse the full amount corresponding to the price of the order and quickly returned no later than 15 days from the arrival of their return to our warehouse. If you used the credit card payment , reimbursement may be made on the same card and you can check it in comfort on your next bank statement.




For the purposes of possible notifications is set as RECREUS address indicated in the beginning of these Terms and Conditions, and as customer address, provided by it in the registration form on our website.



If any provision of these Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, is declared void or unenforceable, in whole or in part by any court , the remaining provisions shall remain valid .


The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that make herein and any matter relating to products, services and / or hosted in this website content will be the Spanish law.La ley aplicable en caso de disputa o conflicto de interpretación de los términos que conforman el presente texto así como de cualquier cuestión relacionada con los productos, servicios y/o contenidos albergados en la presente página Web será la ley española.




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