We have changed a lot throughout these 6 years in which Recreus has evolved and grown. Long gone are the days of my parents' garage where it all started and Filaflex was born.

In Recreus we are living a new and more mature stage with new challenges to face and we can't think of a better way to translate and consolidate this change, than with a renewed corporate image.

We have done so! We release a new logo with which we want to strengthen our values ​​and image to inaugurate this new era of goals and ambitious projects that are yet to come.

In addition, we launch a new claim: "Creativity is flexible". That perfectly includes the philosophy and origin of Recreus. The birth of Filaflex in 2013 after giving free rein to my imagination. All this for declaring me a non-conformist with the rigid filaments existing at that time in the market for 3D printing. For feeling the need to design an elastic filament for 3D printing, and thus not subject my creativity or the design of my piece to those rigid materials taking into account the potential of the 3D printer. That is how Filaflex was born. Therefore Recreus, and that is why we affirm that creativity is flexible!

Inside we remain the same, with the same desire, the same illusions and the same dreams. And even more! Desires to consolidate ourselves as leaders and experts in the manufacture of flexible filament with our Filaflex brand. As well as, to continue at the forefront and providing solutions for Industry 4.0.

We hope you like it and that you continue to accompany us and choose us as allies for your projects and creations. We hope to add in your companies and contribute with our products and materials to your success.

Let's stay together in this exciting world of 3D printing! Do not stop creating and being creative, non-conformist and seeing everything in a more flexible way, why not?

¡Creativity is flexible!

Ignacio García

CEO of Recreus

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