In RECREUS INDUSTRIES SL, we send orders to all the Member States of the European Union and abroad with a delivery time of between one and fifteen working days, depending on the country of destination. We work with several transport companies depending on the place where we send orders. These companies are: DHL, UPS and MRW. But they may change or be others at the will of RECREUS INDUSTRIES SL. Either of these companies delivers between Monday and Friday between 08:00 and 19:00, in the case of Spain, and until 12:00 noon in the rest of the countries. The delivery of the order will be made at the address you indicate on the form and / or in your private area.The delivery times stated in this section are only indicative, and therefore, they will be effective as long as there are no setbacks or causes of force majeure or errors in the process (for example, that the address provided by the User is incorrect).Deliveries are not made on holidays or weekends. It is also not possible to choose a specific or customized delivery time.

Locate my order.

As soon as we send your order, you will receive an order location code in your email so you can locate it and know the status of the shipment. If you have problems finding your order, please contact us by e-mail at: INFO@RECREUS.COM.

Problems to make the delivery.

If the selected transport company fails to deliver your order, it undertakes to store it at its nearest office for a maximum period of 15 working days. In these cases, the transport company will leave a notification at your home or inform you by SMS so you can contact them and pick up the package.

Therefore, we will provide the carrier with your phone number, so that you can contact you directly and arrange an appointment with you to deliver the package.

Forwarding of returned orders.

When an order is returned to us s a result of an error or a fact of your responsibility, then you will have to pay for the return of the order. In these cases, the payment of shipping costs will be made postage paid according to the rate in force at the carrier company.

Delivery of the order.

Upon delivery of the order, you will receive the corresponding delivery note and the original invoice. If you do not receive the original invoice, you can ask us by email, at INFO@RECREUS.COM, indicating the holder of the invoice, the corresponding order number and the address where you wish to receive it, and we will send it to you.

The shipping costs of the order will be indicated in the shopping cart and you must assume them.

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