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Don't miss these tips to get the most out of your PP-3D filament primer pot.

Next we are going to explain several tips that will be very useful for you so you can increase the performance and make better use of the 'primer' or adhesive that goes in the pack of the PP-3D polypropylene spools.

As you know, it is a product that we do not sell in isolation, but is included in the pack along with the PP-3D polypropylene filament, so even if you make many prints of small parts, we want you to learn how to use it properly and that you can last and perform throughout the use and printing of the PP-3D polypropylene filament spool. Discover how to better optimize your 'primer'!

#1. The same application can be used for more than one

With this maxim, if, for example, you are printing many small parts, you will be able to use a single initial application of primer on your printer bed to make repeated prints of parts without having to apply a new layer of primer between them.

This trick will work for small parts as well as larger parts.

The primer is heat activated, so if you do not clean the bed, you will be able to reuse the same application for several prints.

#2. Try grouping your PP·3D prints

As far as possible and taking into account the advice above, it is recommended that you try to group the prints you make with PP-3D filament. This way you will be able to take advantage of that same 'primer' application of the bed base in all the prints you make with the filament and you will save on future isolated applications.

#3. Adjusts the application of primer to the bed surface very well

Try to cover and apply primer only on the area or surface of your printer bed where the first layer of the part is deposited. To apply primer beyond that area is to waste adhesive and stain your base in vain.

#4. Adjusts the print parameters of the first layer to improve adhesion

If you print the first layer by increasing the temperature by 10°C with a layer height of 0.15 mm and increase the line width % of the initial layer to 110%, you can also improve the adhesion of the part to the bed.

Also, don't forget to consult the instructions for use of the PP-3D primer

Applying these simple tips you will see how the primer bottle will give you much more yield, and its quantity is more than enough to cover all the filament of your Recreus PP-3D polypropylene spool.

How to remove primer residues from the print bed?

Once you have finished printing, to remove the glue or primer residue from the print bed, simply wipe it off with Sanytol or acetone.

It can also be removed by heating the bed a little and printing a few layers with another material. At the moment of removing the piece, the remains of the primer will be removed along with it, leaving the bed completely clean. If any residue remains, you can always use Sanytol or acetone to clean it.

How PP-3D works?

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