Making eco-friendly materials production

As manufacturers of 3D printing materials, we like to understand that we are 'facilitators of ideas' and solutions for Industry, for Art, for Fashion, etcetera. In short, we are happy to devise and develop materials for a multitude of fields in which they can be applied, and that these, ultimately through the genius of our customers, become powerful and innovative solutions for the market and for society.

In line with some of Recreus' values, such as sustainability and conscious manufacturing, we create and manufacture our materials with awareness, offering added value, and if we can also create sustainable materials while doing our bit for the planet, so much the better.

This is how, under our philosophy, our most sustainable and eco-friendly filaments are born, as is the case of Reciflex, which is produced taking advantage of the waste from our production and external KM0 production, or the filaments of the recent Purifier family, materials that integrate a compound that gives the filaments the ability to help reduce CO2 and other harmful gases in the environment where they are located.

Reciflex, flexible TPU filament of 100% recycled origin

We have already told you in this article how Reciflex works, how we have managed to create a flexible TPU filament taking advantage of the waste from our own production, as well as the waste from the footwear industry, which is the closest to our production plant, being KM0 to avoid increasing the carbon footprint.

For its production we carefully select the material and it is magnetically screened in order to avoid metallic waste. This way we guarantee its correct functioning during printing, resulting in a high quality filament with optimal mechanical properties. In addition, it is very easy to print and has good flexibility and elasticity with a Shore hardness ranging from 96A to 98A.

Since we launched it, it has become a material in great demand and very popular among our customers, since its origin offers added value to projects and products that are committed to a circular economy.

In the following graphic we can see in more detail how Reciflex works, its origin and the life cycle of this material.

Learn more about Reciflex


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Filamento flessibile TPU, materiale riciclato al 100%, estremamente semplice da stampare! Durezza Shore 96A-98A 100% riciclato Prodotto nella UE
41,90 $

Purifier range of filaments, 3D printing filaments with transformative properties that help the environment by reducing CO2 and harmful gases.

On the other hand, we have in our catalog another eco-friendly material that has joined the top of Recreus' most popular filaments. This is the Purifier range filaments. Filaments with transforming properties that help the environment by reducing C02 and harmful gases.

Specifically, the filaments that we have developed and have available for sale in our online store with this 'transformative' power are Filaflex Purifier and PLA Purifier, the first, flexible TPU filament and the second, a classic of printing. Both offer a multitude of options for the most innovative and sustainable creations and projects of our customers.

As is the case of these wonderful design lamps from the company

Photo source: @cattcad_3d Instagram account.

To learn much more about the wonders of this material, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this post where we talk about the 6 common misconceptions about the Purifier range, questions that are constantly repeated about this material and that can help clarify any doubts that may arise about it.

Learn more about the Purifier filament range

PLA Purifier

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PLA Purifier è il filamento più conosciuto e utilizzato nella stampa 3D, che, inoltre, consente di mitigare l'inquinamento e purificare l'ambiente assorbendo CO2, gli ossidi d'azoto (NOx) e i composti organici volatili (COV) convertendoli in scorie minerali innocue mediante la mineralizzazione dei gas. Filamento sostenibile che contribuisce alla...
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Filaflex Purifier

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Filaflex Purifier è un filamento elastico TPU destinato alla stampa 3D che, grazie agli additivi di più recente introduzione, concorre a mitigare gli effetti dell'inquinamento e a risanare l'ambiente assorbendo l'anidride carbonica (CO2), ossidi d'azoto(NOx) e composti organici volatili (COV) trasformandoli in scorie minerali innocue mediante la...
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Ultimaker Materials Alliance Program

In addition, we have introduced print profiles for both materials in the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program. Now you can download them in CURA for the Ultimaker S5 printer from their Marketplace.

With them you can substantially improve the quality of printing with these materials, experiencing a correct printing from the first moment, without complications and facilitating its use.

You can access and download the profiles from the Marketplace on the Ultimaker website or here.