10th FILAFLEX ANNIVERSARY! Do you want to know its story?


This September, Filaflex, the pioneering brand in flexible filaments from Recreus, celebrates its tenth anniversary. From its humble beginnings in a garage, Filaflex has undergone an incredible evolution, becoming a benchmark in the TPU market. In this special article, we will discover the origins of this esteemed and recognized brand of elastic filaments and its remarkable growth, as well as its reputation marked by its quality and results. You can't miss it!

Filaflex, our brand of flexible filament, the sector's leading TPU, is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

How was Filaflex born? 

Let's start with a bit of history and important milestones that triggered it...


While other children were having fun playing soccer, Ignacio García, CEO of Recreus, found his passion in building and flying airplanes with his father.


It was at the EuroMold fair in Frankfurt in 2011 where his world completely changed upon discovering a 3D printing machine. He vividly remembers how all the limitations he had in mind disappeared in that very moment, realizing that anything his imagination could create could be materialized without needing to leave his home.


This love for materials led him to study Industrial Design Engineering and to work and develop professionally in this field of engineering.


However, there was a limitation. At that time, there were only two types of filament, both very rigid (PLA and ABS). It was then when he decided to take on the challenge of creating the first flexible filament.


Leaving his job, Ignacio worked full-time in the garage of his house in Elda (Alicante) to pursue his dream of 3D printing elastic parts. He began searching for flexible polymers and experimented with different additives.


After a year of hard work, in 2013, Ignacio achieved his goal. He had a material that met all the requirements and he called it 'Filaflex'.


To carry out all the tests, he was aware that he needed specialized machinery that he didn't have access to. Therefore, he decided to build his own industrial extruder to produce the filament that he later tested in a friend's factory.


With this achievement in hand, it was time to shape his company, so he founded Recreus to be able to commercialize it.

"Manufacturing an injected part is not the same as doing it through extrusion, so we had to find a filament that would adapt to 3D printers. That's why in 2013 I developed a filament (Filaflex) that is more elastic than the hard plastic which was used in those machines at that time, and that allowed us to create fully flexible products, in many colors, from sneakers to prosthetics, straps, and mobile phone cases. And, of course, it was designed to be used both at a consumer level, at home, and at an industrial level."
Ignacio García, CEO of Recreus.

Let's take a trip through time...

Let's go back to the year 2013 and see how the evolution of this revolutionary material, Filaflex, has been up to the present day

Infographic with the timeline of Filaflex's evolution in these 10 years, from 2013 to 2023.

Memories from 10 years ago...

The Filaflex family has grown a lot in these 10 years. We show you all the flexible filaments that make it up, get to know them!

The Filaflex range of filaments stands out as one of the most comprehensive and versatile in the flexible filament market. Over the past 10 years, at Recreus we have worked hard to develop and add new flexible materials with different purposes and options for additive manufacturing. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in this field, we have managed to offer a wide variety of flexible filaments that meet all needs.

Within the Filaflex range, you will find a wide selection of flexible filaments with numerous options available. You can choose between different Shore hardnesses and elasticities, as well as special elastic filaments with specific properties and purposes for your most demanding projects (recycling, purifying, conducting, resistant, etc.). In addition, we have a wide variety of models, colors, sizes, and diameters so that you can find the perfect option for you.

If you are looking for high-quality and highly versatile flexible filaments, do not hesitate to discover our range of products. At Recreus, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that allow our customers to carry out creative and functional projects. Discover our range of Filaflex flexible filaments and take your projects to the next level!

Discover the complete range of Filaflex family and its available Shore hardnesses

Filaflex 60A

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5 Review(s) 
TPU Filament Filaflex 60A 'PRO' is the most elastic and flexible filament on the market for 3d printers. This filament is only suitable for the most experienced and daring 3d printing enthusiasts using flexible fialments. Shore hardness 60A 950% stretch Extremely elastic Resistant to solvents and fuel Odourless No hotbed required Made in the EU

Filaflex 70A

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7 Review(s) 
TPU Filament Filaflex 70A, 'Ultra-Soft', is a highly elastic and advanced filament from the Filaflex range for 3D printers. Shore hardness 70A 900% stretch Very high elasticity Resistant to solvents and fuel Odourless No hotbed required Made in the EU

Filaflex 95A

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1 Review(s) 
The TPU filament Filaflex 95A, 'Medium-Flex', is the perfect flexible filament for beginners in flexible printing. It is a semi-flexible filament, compatible with all 3D printers on the market, including bowden-type extruder printers (with tube).. Shore hardness 95A 500% stretch Medium elasticity Compatible with all printers Resistant to solvents and...


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3 Review(s) 
Recycled TPU filament, 100% from recycled origin. Very easy to print! Shore hardness 96A-98A 100% recycled Made in the EU

Filaflex Purifier

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0 Review(s) 
TPU filament Filaflex Purifier is a flexible filament of Filaflex range for 3D printing, which due to the use of the most innovative additives helps mitigate pollution and purify the environment by adsorbing CO2, NOx and VOCs and converting them into harmless mineral waste through gas mineralisation. A sustainable filament designed to help reduce CO2 and...

Conductive Filaflex

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2 Review(s) 
Conductive Filaflex TPU filament is an electrically conductive flexible filament, ideal for manufacturing electrically conductive parts or components and for creating wearable devices. Shore hardness 92A Flexible and conductive Made in the EU

Filaflex SEBS

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0 Review(s) 
TPE filament Filaflex SEBS by Recreus is a rubber-based 3D printing filament that combines Filaflex's flexibility and durability with other properties such as insulation, waterproofness and chemical and thermal resistance. In addition, the filament produces a magnificent final finish of the part and a wide range of uses and applications in the industrial...