Looking for a sterilizable filament?

Not all filaments for 3D printing have the great advantage of being able to be sterilized in the autoclave. The fact that a filament can be, offers many advantages when creating and manufacturing 3D printed applications. The options multiply.

A fantastic material with wide applicability in many sectors

PP3D filament is a high impact polypropylene filament that offers incredible mechanical properties:

  • lightness
  • durability
  • resistance
  • some flexibility to the touch
  • ease of machining and welding
  • high quality finish

In addition, if it has the ability to be sterilizable in the autoclave (only the natural color), without a doubt, we are facing a perfect material for industrial use with many possibilities and with fantastic applicability in numerous sectors, such as dental, medical or pharma.

We check in this short video how the Recreus PP3D polypropylene filament is sterilized, while resisting and keeping its mechanical properties intact after performing an autoclave test.

Do not miss the video!

Because ‘Creativity is Flexible’.

Discover PP·3D polypropylene filament 


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Fortschrittliches, hochschlagfestes, chemikalienbeständiges, langlebiges und sehr einfach zu druckendes Polypropylen-Filament mit einem "Fixier-Primer", der vor dem Druck aufgetragen wird. Chemikalienbeständig Einfach zu drucken Hergestellt in der EU
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