The new flexible and 100% recycled TPU filament

With the aim to bet for a circular economy and attending to the demands of our clients, from Recreus expand our product portfolio with new materials. In this case with the launching of a new 100% recycled material, concretely, a flexible TPU filament 100% recycled for 3D printing, named ‘Reciflex’.

What is Reciflex?

Reciflex is 100% recycled materials consisting of waste from the footwear industry and from Recreus’ own internal production processes. The material is carefully selected and magnetically screened for production in order to prevent metallic residue, thereby guaranteeing it performs correctly during printing..

Despite being made from recycled materials, it boasts excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to solvents, with an exceptional standard of quality.

How Reciflex works?

Here are some graphs to see the life cycle of Reciflex.

What can we print with Reciflex?

Reciflex is a suitable material for the manufacture of parts with demanding mechanical requirements.

It is ideal for producing:

  • Parts that require resistance to solvents.
  • Protective covers for GoPro, mobile phones,…
  • Protection for drones.
  • Wheels for radio-controlled cars and robots.

Reciflex is available and for sale in 750 gr and 3 kg size, as well as in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter in black. It is only available in black, as the black pigment is added once all the recycled colours have been mixed in order to homogenise the product and obtain a definitive solid, shiny black colour.

Because ‘Creativity is Flexible’.

Discover it!


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Recyceltes flexibles Filament Reciflex, TPU-Filament, 100%ig recycelt, sehr einfach zu drucken! 96A-98A Shore-Härte 100 % recycelt Hergestellt in der EU
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