New electrically conductive flexible TPU filament

We have some very ‘electrifying’ news that we want to share with all of you! We already have it ‘loaded’ and ready for it to arrive as soon as possible. The launch of our new ‘Conductive Filaflex‘ filament!

Filaflex Conductive is a new material for 3D printing that has the best of the Filaflex family and, in addition, with the novelty and super power of being an electrically conductive filament. Definitely, it has two of the most coveted properties in 3D printing: elasticity and conductivity.

For what could it be used?

  • The new Conductive Filaflex has a 92A shore hardness and is an ideal material for the manufacture of electrically conductive parts or components or even for the creation of wearable devices. The fact that its hardness is a SHORE ‘A’ 92, allows it to be practically compatible with most 3D printers on the market.
  • New and infinity of creative proposals will be possible with this material, from the manufacture of electrically conductive circuits used for flexible electronics, electromagnetic isolation of signals, pressure-sensitive buttons, … to a multitude of options within ‘wearable’ electronics, such as, for example, to apply in 3D printing on textiles. In addition, it can also be used to create digital keyboards, trackpads, arduinos, jopysticks, etc., and even for surface electrodes or muscle electrostimulation, and even for medical devices, such as cardiogram patches.

Undoubtedly, with Conductive Filaflex there is a wide range of application possibilities that you cannot fail to discover if you want a creative ‘high voltage’ experience.

Because ‘Creativity is Flexible’.

Discover it!

Conductive Filaflex

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Flexibles Filament Filaflex Conductivo, elektrisch leitfähiges TPU-Filament, ideal für die Herstellung von elektrisch leitfähigen Teilen oder Komponenten und für die Erstellung von tragbaren Geräten. 92A Shore-Härte Flexibel und leitfähig Hergestellt in der EU
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