Flexible, electrically conductive TPU filament, ideal for manufacturing electrically conductive parts or components and for creating wearable devices. Shore hardness 92A Flexible and conductive Made in the EU


PLA-LW (Light Weight) by Recreus is a light weight PLA filament ideal for quick creations of low density with which you will be able to reduce the weight of your printed parts by up to 50% compared to the conventional PLA. Light weight Low density Material that spreads farther Easy to print Resistant and less brittle Great surface finish Matt finish...


Carbon fiber reinforced PET-G filament. This material has excellent mechanical properties to guarantee high impact-resistant parts without relinquishing the ease of PET-G printing.  Excellent mechanical properties  Impact- and wear-resistant  Chemical resistance  High thermal resistance  High durability and low density  Ductility  Good adhesion between...