PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament
PLA-LW Light Weight Filament


PLA-LW (Light Weight) by Recreus is a light weight PLA filament ideal for quick creations of low density with which you will be able to reduce the weight of your printed parts by up to 50% compared to the conventional PLA.

  • Light weight
  • Low density
  • Material that spreads farther
  • Easy to print
  • Resistant and less brittle
  • Great surface finish
  • Matt finish
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Black
  • Natural
  • 1.75 MM
  • 750 GR
  • 3 KG

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PLA-LW Light Weight filament by Recreus is a light weight PLA filament for 3D printing which thanks to technology of active foaming reduces the flow during extrusion of the part to 50% or 60% maintaining the same line width and thus reduces the weight of the part. In addition, with the effect of the foaming we can achieve the layers of the part to blend, achieving an exterior finish that is much more uniform.

PLA-LW Light Weight filament is ideal for creating light low density parts whilst remaining resistant. By reducing the flow in the printing of this material we can actually print up to two or three times more parts than with a conventional PLA spool. A clear example of the application of the PLA-LW is in the manufacture of air models. Thanks to the foaming of the material at high temperatures we can reduce the total weight of the model and therefore reduce the wing load of the aeromodeller enabling an improvement in its flight qualities. Another example is in the use of material when making complements or accessories for ‘cosplay’, as they will be lighter and more bearable.

It is necessary to consider that due to the effect of foaming the material produces many threads during movement, but fortunately they are easy to eliminate and sand down.


PLA-LW Light Weight filament by Recreus is an ideal filament to print light parts with good resistance, for example:

- RC airplanes or aeromodelling parts

- Articles related to cosplay, …

Consult these instructions and advice before printing

Print with PLA-LW!

Printing temperature
Print speed
40-50 mm/s.
Layer height
0,25-0,35 mm.
Bed temperature
Retraction speed
40-60 mm/s at a distance of 2-3 mm.
Layer fan
0-20% (0% recommended for better adhesion).
Light Weight
Matte effect
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Estamos diseñando un UAV para una competición y este material es justo lo que buscábamos para el carenado. Hemos obtenido muy buen resultado siguiendo las recomendaciones del fabricante.
Agradecidos desde Xtra2 UPV :)

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