Do you want to discover the most inspiring and surprising real-life cases of applications using our PLA Purifier material? You're in the right place! Get ready to find out how this cutting-edge material with amazing properties is revolutionizing different industries, and how you too can benefit from its advantages. We'll show you practical and real examples of 'Digital Craftsmanship' that will inspire you. Don't miss out!

Digital Craftsmanship

CattCAD | 3D printed products

Company: CattCAD. Design studio, consulting firm, and additive manufacturing center based in Spain. Their mission is to rebuild retail under the pillars of technology and functionality, creating products that revolve around local manufacturing and durability. They started by printing jewelry, but time and market requirements have led them to collaborations and creating their own or third-party products. They are now focused on manufacturing eco-friendly and natural materials for desk lamps. And, of course, when they discovered our PLA Purifier, they were amazed by its powers, seeing it as the perfect material for designing their new lamp, following their ecological approach.

MaterialPLA Purifier.

Product: Purifier Lamps

Advertising campaign for the PLA Purifier printed lamp by CattCAD.

“The world is changing, and therefore design must also change. At CattCAD, technology and functionality are the pillars that support the creation of products that revolve around manufacturing and durability. Additionally, we believe that the connection between people and nature must prevail and we bring it closer through our materials or raw materials. With the PLA Purifier, our lamps are capable of removing pollutants from a room's environment, purifying it."

Manuel Galdamez, Co-founder of CattCAD

Advertising campaign for the PLA Purifier printed lamp by CattCAD.

Advertising campaign for the PLA Purifier printed lamp by CattCAD.

Martin Žampach | Industrial Designer

Company: Martin Žampach. Industrial designer who specializes in designing and manufacturing 3D printed vases with intriguing patterns. He defines his designs as the result of perfect decoration that is built layer by layer. His mission is to develop parametric design and digital manufacturing in his projects with sustainability in mind. This includes digital distribution, so his designs are also available as 3D printable models on his website. Given the involvement and mission of this company, it was not surprising that they were interested in using PLA Purifier filament as the ideal material to print one of their new vase lines.

MaterialPLA Purifier.

Product: Design vases

3D printed vase with PLA Purifier by designer Martin Žampach.

“Why settle for a boring, mass-produced vase when you can have a unique and sustainable work of art?”.

Martin Žampach, industrial designer

PLA Purifier

Let's discover the benefits of this material

  • The filaments of the PURIFIER range are materials that act as catalysts for the VOCs in the environment, purifying and thereby contributing to reducing our carbon footprint, while being 100% recyclable.
  • Their effect is superficial, so the greater the surface area of the piece, the greater the effect it will produce.

Know the filament that has been used in this successful case

PLA Purifier

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PLA Purifier is the most popular filament used in 3D printing, which also helps mitigate pollution and purify the environment by adsorbing CO2, NOx and VOCs and converting them into harmless mineral waste through gas mineralisation. A sustainable filament designed to help reduce CO2 and harmful gases The ability to mineralise greenhouse gases, converting...