Design and manufacture of cap for windbreak skirt profile with PLA filament from Recreus

  • Company: Persax Group
  • Sector: Industrial. Solar Protection Systems
  • Material: Recreus PLA filament
  • Mission: Design and manufacture of caps for windbreak skirt profiles

Manufacturing through 3D printing, together with Recreus PLA filament, has allowed the company Persax to design and manufacture its own solution of caps for the profiles of the windbreak skirts of its products. Both designing and prototyping the model, and even producing it as a final part.

Persax is a Spanish manufacturer, leader in products for solar protection and security solutions, with a track record of over 40 years in the manufacture of aluminum and PVC shutters, doors, mosquito nets and louvers with specific designs.

They rely on additive manufacturing technology for many reasons, among them, fundamentally, it allows them to optimize their new designs and models, as well as to test the usefulness of their components quickly and efficiently.

In order to be advised on the ideal material for the manufacture of some profile caps, they came to our technical team and found in Recreus PLA filament a perfect ally for the manufacture of parts and components for prototyping and even end use.

“We had been considering producing an imprint-based injection mold, but it was too expensive. This is the simplest, fastest and most economical option.”

Raúl Hernández García, Technical Director of Persax


Manufacture of custom-made profile caps

Their technical 3D printing department was looking for a practical and simple filament with which to print custom plugs designed with their software to attach to the profiles of their wind skirts.

Design of the part in the software by the Persax team.


Recreus PLA Filament. Easy and fast to print

Our technical team, after assessing their needs, recommended PLA filament, a very easy to print material, compatible with all printers and with which you can work quickly and efficiently getting pieces with an optimal finish in a very short time. Since they did not require complex mechanical properties, Recreus PLA was the ideal material to work with in Persax's Ultimaker printers.

The key points of the requirements for the choice of material were:

  • Speed of printing
  • Ease of printing
  • Good finish


Very high quality prototypes printed quickly and without any issues or errors

  • Finally the Persax team managed to print their prototypes with PLA filament on their Ultimaker printers according to the design they had developed in their engineering department.
  • The prototype cap was adapted to the profile of the skirt and became the final part.
  • Its manufacture was carried out quickly, without having to make a high initial investment in tooling and without requiring large stockpiles of parts, thus achieving savings in time and costs for the final design.
  • In addition, this process has allowed them to make modifications to the design quickly and without added costs, as well as to have the quantities strictly necessary.

Parts in Ultimaker's CURA software.

Parts already printed with Recreus PLA filament.

“We are delighted with Recreus PLA filament as well as the help and technical support received from your company, Recreus. We greatly reduced our investment in tooling and made significant progress in our innovation and new designs, quickly and efficiently.”

Raúl Hernández García, Technical Director of Persax

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