"Recreus was born from a passion for Industry and the vocation to bring innovation to Additive Manufacturing through the creation of new materials and new production processes, trying every day to go beyond the limits of the 4th industrial revolution."

We have always been nonconformists.

Upon landing in the 3D printing industry in 2011, we discovered wonderful technology with enormous potential, but limited by having so few materials and filaments available with which to print. Thousands of designs and options in mind and without resources to make them come true.

This is how Recreus was born. It is born from the need to go beyond the limits, to create and to satisfy a creative lack. To help expand the possibilities and materials in the powerful world of Additive Manufacturing. Something we have already done by creating Filaflex, the first elastic filament in the 3D printing market. This is how Filaflex was born and this is how Recreus was born.

Since then, we have designed and manufactured the most complex filaments on the market with exceptional quality, making them easy to use. Making the difficult easy. All this with the sole purpose that others only have to dream of what to create.

At Recreus we create for you to believe.

‘Creativity is Flexible’

Ignacio García, CEO and founder of Recreus

We are our values


We were already born to innovate by launching an elastic material capable of challenging the 'rigid' world of 3D printing.

So we will continue to develop and manufacture innovative materials for the Additive Manufacturing industry, capable of making the dreams of the most creative and ambitious minds in 3D printing come true.


We are passionate about the industry and especially about Additive Manufacturing. We love our work and are happy to dedicate all our talent and enthusiasm to this powerful technology.

We are aware of its ability to significantly revolutionize traditional manufacturing and to serve innovation, the future, engineering or creativity. Everything is to be done in 3D printing!


When we created Filaflex in 2013, the first elastic filament for 3D printers, it was not only surprising for its elasticity, but also for its high quality.

That has always been our main obsession: creating and manufacturing high-performance materials that surprise for their quality and that always meet industry standards.


From the beginning and when creating a material without precedent in the industry as "Filaflex", it has been key and essential to accompany at all times and teach our clients to use our materials and components. For this reason, we consider customer service essential and a priority.

Our team of experts will be happy to offer help and support through all the channels that we provide.


We like to know that we are transformers and facilitators of dreams and ideas. That we have the magic wand to create materials that will be and become powerful and innovative solutions for industry and society.

That is why we conscientiously create and manufacture for you and the planet.


Recreus is the result of 'RE'cicla,' CRE'a and 'US'a, which like Additive Manufacturing technology, aims to help foster a circular economy.

In fact, thanks to 3D printing technology and our elastic materials, applications have emerged that have given way to new manufacturing trends that are much more sustainable, which we are proud of.

Repsol, Recreus shareholder company

  • REPSOL JOINS RECREUS. In 2019, the Spanish energy and petrochemical multinational Repsol joins our company as a partner through its strategic investment fund.
  • ACCELERATING OUR R&D AND IMPROVING OUR POSITIONING ON THE MARKET. A synergy that represents a great milestone and a great step for Recreus, since it offers the possibility of accelerating our R&D and the opportunity to improve our positioning in the medium and long term in the 3D printing market.
  • IMPULSE TO CONTINUE COMMITTING TO INNOVATION. Undoubtedly, the time to continue betting on our commitment to innovation and to continue developing and creating new materials.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF NEW MATERIALS LIKE PP·3D. Repsol has contributed its high degree of experience in the manufacture of polyolefins, resulting in the joint design of a high-quality, high-impact polypropylene filament, PP·3D, very easy to print and suitable for a multitude of industrial applications.