PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus
PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus
PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus
PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus
PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus
PET-G carbon fiber of Recreus


Carbon fiber reinforced PET-G filament. This material has excellent mechanical properties to guarantee high impact-resistant parts without relinquishing the ease of PET-G printing.

  •  Excellent mechanical properties
  •  Impact- and wear-resistant
  •  Chemical resistance
  •  High thermal resistance
  •  High durability and low density
  •  Ductility
  •  Good adhesion between layers
  •  Compatible with most 3D printers
  •  Matte black finish
  •  Made in the EU
  • Carbon
  • 1.75 MM
  • 700
  • 2,5 KG

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PET-G CF (PET-G Carbon Fiber) filament is the result of a filament featuring a combination of the excellent mechanical properties. Specifically, it combines the strength, rigidity, and lightweight nature of carbon fiber (10%) with Recreus PET-G filament.

This unique combination results in a filament with an elastic modulus and resistance to breakage that are 3 and 2 times greater, respectively, than traditional PET-G.

The result is a material with exceptional resistance to wear, impact, and heat, as well as low temperatures. In addition to its mechanical properties, PETG-CF is also anti-static and features excellent chemical resistance, high fluidity, and low contraction. 

It is compatible with most FDM 3D printers on the market, but we recommend using hardened steel or ruby-type nozzles to avoid erosion commonly seen with brass nozzles.

Printing with PET-G CF will allow you to produce final parts with excellent mechanical resistance and a sleek matte black finish.


PET-G CF is a highly attractive material for a wide range of industries such as consumer electronics, aeronautics, construction and the automotive sector. This material is recommended for parts that need to withstand impact or that require high levels of resistance. It is ideal for the production of electronics, machinery, automobiles and household appliances, as well as for creating: 

 - Chassis and enclosures, parts for bicycles...

 - Rings, accessories and textiles.

 - Casing covers.

 - Medical parts, such as prostheses and accessories and components for orthopedic mechanisms.

Printing temperature
Print speed
40-50 mm/s.
Layer height
0.2 mm.
Bed temperature
Retraction speed
20 -50 mm/s at a distance of 1-2 mm.
Hardened steel or ruby-type (avoid brass) of 0.50 mm and never of smaller diameter, to avoid jamming in the extruder.
Carbon fiber
Electrostatic dissipation
Matte effect
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Cuidado al manipular

Hay que tener cuidado al manipular la bobina y sacarla, ya que se puede desmontar todo al abrirlo puesto que el filamento es muy rígido y a parte la bobina es pequeña. El filamento se puede romper con facilidad. En cuanto a impresión, muy buena calidad en el acabado.

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