Filaflex 82A Pack

Filaflex 82A Pack

Experience and test the most popular Shore hardness and elasticity in the Filaflex range. With this Filaflex 82A 'Original' sample pack you can test the filament in various shades. You have two options, either choose the 'monochrome' pack, made up of the best-selling monochromatic colours, or choose the 'colours' pack option if you want to try this filament in the most popular.

  • Shore hardness 82A
  • 650% stretch
  • High elasticity
  • Resistant to solvents and fuel
  • Odourless
  • No hotbed required
  • Made in the EU
  • Colors
  • Monochrome
  • 1.75 MM
  • 2.85 MM
  • 200 GR

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With this pack of four 50 g. samples of Filaflex 82A, you can test this elastic filament in your 3D printer without having to buy a larger spool. You have two packs available with two-colour combinations to choose from.

  • 'Monochrome’ Pack: composed of 4 samples of 50 gr. each one, in black, grey, white and transparent.
  • 'Colour’ Pack: composed of 4 samples of 50 g. each one, in red, green, yellow and blue.

The Filaflex 82A ‘Original’ is the flagship elastic filament of the Filaflex range. An elastic filament with a shore hardness of 82A, meaning that it can stretch by up to 650% before breaking. Its greatest advantage is that after stretching, it returns to its original shape without deforming or breaking.

The TPU filaments of the Filaflex range have great print bed adhesion, so they don't need a heated bed, blue tape, Kapton tape, lacquer or any other spray adhesive. What's more, they are odourless and resistant to solvents and fuel. Its printing requires different guidelines to rigid filaments. That's why the 3D printer needs to be properly configured.


Filaflex 82A is non-toxic and can be in contact with the skin. Consult for medical or food use. It can be used to create pieces that require high elasticity such as:

– Insoles: orthopaedic insoles.

– Prosthesis and organ models: prosthetic arms, hands, organs for simulation of surgical operations,...

– Flexible objects and parts for industry, automotive: buffers, gaskets, tires, grippers ...

– Textile parts and accessories: textile garments, fabrics, printing on garments, bags, earrings,...

– Footwear: soles, shoes, sandals, sneakers,...

Printing temperature
Print speed
20-60 mm/s.
Diameter tolerance
0.03 mm.
Retraction speed
40 mm/s at a distance of 4-6 mm. In the extreme case of an extruder jam, disable retractions.
Increase the flow if the extrusion of the filament is intermittent, between 105% - 115%, and reduce the pressure of the lever arm that presses the filament on the motor pulley, to avoid strangling the filament and producing jams.
Shore hardness
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