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Filaflex SEBS Pellet
Filaflex SEBS Pellet

Filaflex SEBS Pellet

Filaflex SEBS Pellet is a flexible rubber-based material in pellet form for 3D printing. It is specifically designed to offer the flexibility and durability characteristic of the Filaflex range, along with additional properties such as insulation, waterproofing, and chemical and thermal resistance.

  • Flexible and elastic
  • Shore hardness 90A
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Autoclave safe
  • Electrical insulator
  • Black
  • Natural
  • 1 KG
  • 2 KG

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Filaflex SEBS Pellet is a TPE rubber-based material in pellet form, strong and durable, that can flex and bend back to its original shape, resisting impact and fatigue. It is an ideal technical material for any industrial application, combining the flexibility and durability of the Filaflex range.

Filaflex SEBS Pellet has a Shore hardness of 90A and is easy to process on a wide range of additive manufacturing equipment that use pellets.

Filaflex SEBS Pellet is a material with great versatility of uses and applications, especially in the industrial field. A great ally for the manufacture of flexible seals, insulating elements, marine use elements, and applications exposed to demanding environments. Due to its chemical and oxidative resistance, it can be used for outdoor applications and/or those that need to withstand high temperatures, UV rays, or rain, thanks to its impermeability. Additionally, due to its hydrophobic property, it is ideal for 3D printing in high humidity environments.


Filaflex SEBS Pellet, due to its magnificent properties, is a perfect technical material for the industry and an alternative to PVC. Ideal for parts that need to cushion vibrations and/or maintain their elastic properties even under high-temperature exposure. It is also ideal for manufacturing exterior parts exposed to the elements, such as:

- Seals and gaskets for industrial machinery, appliances, food containers, etc.

- Footwear, rubber articles, and toys.

- Industrial articles (belts and straps, vibration dampers, protectors, bottles and containers, non-slip systems, glass encapsulation).

- Sporting goods (for diving like masks, waterproof seals or fins, and for skiing like pole grips, pedals).

- Accessories for car interiors (organizers, soft-touch finishes, waterproof gaskets, protectors, mats,...).

- Protectors, grips, or coatings for control devices, mobile devices, ice cube trays, stoppers, decanters, ....


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